monthly feature: jan-dirk platek


the second participant in our monthly feature is with 38 releases on bandcamp (!) undoubtedly one of the more productive composers out there; jan-dirk platek.

jan, born in 1976, is a multi-instrumentalist and besides releasing piano music with a neoclassical touch, he is also the creator of post-rock/electronic project we deserve this.

one of his latest albums, a feeling named hope is a beautifully executed reminder of how death always will be a part of life. talking about the atmosphere of the album and the concept, platek states that “there are no happy endings, so the album is melancholic but never depressed” – a perfect contemplation that accurately describes the mood of this clean, minimal yet highly powerful record.

Cover A Feeling Named Hope SC


01 the testament
02 awake
03 rose
04 a feeling named hope
05 lies
06 helicopter
07 stars
08 clouds
09 death on sunday
10 coffin
11 tears

a feeling named hope can be purchased from jan-dirk plateks’s bandcamp.
also be sure to look out for his coming album distance, out on friday.


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