monthly feature: philip g anderson

Philip G Anderson_Headshot

the third participant in our monthly feature is the american composer philip g anderson.

besides releasing extraordinary beautiful music – with a strong focus on cinematic soundscapes and strings – philip also took his compositions to both tv and film, working with a wide variety of networks such as cnn, fox and cbs. he also composed the ost’s for several short films (le passage du temps, fleur, wanderful etc).

his first full-length album is named wilderness and was released on march 1st.
in philip‘s own words, he is describing the birth of the album as follows;

this project started as a desire to escape the small, claustrophobic, and dark room where i spent much of my time writing and working. i wanted to create music that got me out of that room and also inspired other people to go out and explore the beautiful, natural world around us. i was inspired early on by imagery of the vast wilderness in the pacific northwest. i wondered what the dense forests, flowing rivers, and expansive mountain ranges would sound like musically. and so, i composed 10 pieces that blend together ambient, modern classical, and cinematic elements to reflect what I felt that would sound like, a soundtrack for exploring the wilderness.

listening to the album after reading his own thoughts about the album, it’s safe to say that philip g anderson conveyed exactly the message he set out to do. wilderness is embraced by weightlessness, beauty, meaning, admiration – all the things we experience when we explore nature in its purest form are present on this release.
the timid piano – lined by heavily reverberated cellos and violins by dave edwards and erin cassel – adds an extra dimension, even allowing the listener to be taken beyond nature.



01 wilderness
02 along the forest floor
03 olympic
04 lakes
05 from river to ocean
06 moss
07 fog
08 overcast
09 evergreen
10 mountains


together with photographer grant boutiette, philip also shared a few of the photos taken in connection with the album artwork.

Fog17 GB

this photo was taken in skokomish washington. we were driving through a swamp area and saw the fog slowly fading away to reveal the tree covered hilltops. what stood out to me most about this location and moment was how quiet it was. there was no wind, no car sounds, no animal sounds, just silence. it was incredibly calm.

Lake3 GB

this photo was taken overlooking lake cushman near the entrance to olympic national park. we were driving through the mountains and came across this overlook with stunning views of the clouds rolling over the mountains. it’s hard to get a true sense of just how big the lake is and how far you could see from the photo. we spent a long time in that spot just observing and taking in the view.

wilderness can be purchased from philip g anderson’s bandcamp.


monthly feature: jan-dirk platek


the second participant in our monthly feature is with 38 releases on bandcamp (!) undoubtedly one of the more productive composers out there; jan-dirk platek.

jan, born in 1976, is a multi-instrumentalist and besides releasing piano music with a neoclassical touch, he is also the creator of post-rock/electronic project we deserve this.

one of his latest albums, a feeling named hope is a beautifully executed reminder of how death always will be a part of life. talking about the atmosphere of the album and the concept, platek states that “there are no happy endings, so the album is melancholic but never depressed” – a perfect contemplation that accurately describes the mood of this clean, minimal yet highly powerful record.

Cover A Feeling Named Hope SC


01 the testament
02 awake
03 rose
04 a feeling named hope
05 lies
06 helicopter
07 stars
08 clouds
09 death on sunday
10 coffin
11 tears

a feeling named hope can be purchased from jan-dirk plateks’s bandcamp.
also be sure to look out for his coming album distance, out on friday.


monthly feature: tom blankenberg


first up in our monthly feature of 2019 is tom blankenberg.

tom is a composer, producer and sound designer based in düsseldorf, germany.
on the 15th of february, he will release his debut album, atermus, on cd and vinyl as well as through digital services.

on atermus, the listener will find 13 exceptional, minimal, solo piano tracks, ranging from contemporary classical sounds to avant-garde elements with small touches of jazz.

blankenberg’s debut effort is without a doubt a fresh breeze in the new and popular genre we all like to address as neoclassical; especially because of the jazz atmosphere his piano playing style adds to the tracks. even for the more mellow tracks on the album, a playfulness can be heard in the way he approaches the piano, which makes the entire listening experience highly enjoyable. like a listener once said, “it’s like an impressionistic painting.”



01 tori
02 juni
03 london fields
04 femto
05 august
06 benkhausen
07 märz
08 atermus / reprise
09 09h53
10 oktober
11 hirundo
12 november
13 nesuto

in connection with our feature, check tom blankenberg’s new video for the track “tori”.

atermus can be pre-ordered from tom blankenberg’s bandcamp.